About Me

I'm originally from Minneapolis, MN and have a mid-western upbringing.  I started my career life with a Bachelors of Science degree in accounting and was a CPA in downtown Minneapolis among the high-rises and hustle and bustle of city life. In 1996, I packed up my bags and headed south. I went back to school in Miami and earned a Associates of Arts degree in Interior Design.  I worked for a high-end interior design firm in Naples starting as an intern and finishing as the Production Director.  In 2008, I left that position and once again turned to academia, this time for a Masters of Fine Arts in Historic Preservation.  By this time I was divorced with 2 little children so I decided to stay home with them as much as possible.  I pursued other interests such as marketing and teaching at the local college but my true calling came when I found the world of holistic healing and particularly, quantum biofeedback.  In 2013 I founded Firefly Within and in 2018 I earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Holistic Health Sciences from the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

And the journey continues......

Certifications and Education

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Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

American Association of Drugless Practitioners

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Certified Biofeedback Specialist

Natural Therapies Certification Board

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Certified HeartMath Practitioner

Clinical Certification for Anxiety, Stress and Self-Regulation

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Bachelors of Science in Holistic Health Sciences

International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine

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Reiki Master Initiation

June 30, 2016 at Panther Meadows, Mount Shasta, CA

Respected Professionals We Love and Trust

We wouldn't recommend anyone but the best business professionals that have a heart for helping people and desire to make this world a better place. You can be assured that each one of these individuals will treat you with the utmost care and respect.


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Psychic Readings

Christine Campbell

Christine Campbell is a third generation psychic specializing in meditation, readings, Akashic records, cord cuttings, and past life regressions. She also teaches spiritual courses to help you evolve to your fullest potential.

Darcey Bolognone.jpg

Cranial Structural Therapist

Darcy Bolognone

Darcey Bolognone is a  Cranial Structural Therapist. CST can balance the body using muscle to release the spine. It can effectively treat issues such as scoliosis, TMJ. neck pain, headaches, sciatic pain, fibromyalgia, and more.

Charity Godfrey.PNG

Mental Health Therapist

Charity Godfrey

Owner of Lifescapes Counseling Services, she provides each client with therapeutic interventions tailored to meet his or her individual needs. Servicing  children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families in the Southwest Florida area.

Caitly Mannherz.PNG

Lymphatic Massage Therapist

Caitlyn Mannherz

Caitlyn Mannherz provides care and loving attention to each of her clients by gently opening the lymphatic system. 

She can be reached at 973-692-6263.



Cath Branwood.PNG

Pet Reiki

Cath Branwood

Cath Branwood is a pet Reiki practitioner and intuitive carer.  She provides love and attention to your pet by intuitively connecting with them.  She is also an amazing artist that puts her heart and soul into each piece of artwork that she produces.

Anastasia Sound.PNG

Sound Artist

Anastasia Sound

Anastasia Sound is a sound artist/facilitator, offering voice and sound meditation to help process emotions (stress, anxiety, fear) for relaxation, clarity, better sleep, energy increase, self-discovery and more.


Massage Therapy & Reiki

Dan Gorny

Owner of Reflections Healing Center, Dan is a Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist. He specializes in reflexology, Bach flower essences, Tong Ren, and cell salt therapy.


LMT #MA93233

Joel Ying.jpg

Integrative Medicine

Dr. Joel Ying

Dr. Joel Ying offers Integrative Traditional, Holistic, Natural, and Alternative Approaches to Health and Wellness.

Yolanda Beckers.jpg

Holistic Counseling

Yolanda Beckers

Yolanda Beckers is the founder of Healing Light Center in Naples, Florida specializing in holistic counseling, Qi Gong, yoga, and meditation.

Taryn Kean.PNG


Taryn Kean

Taryn Kean is a Level III Thermographer. She owns and operates two thermal imaging clinics, Southwest Medical Thermal Imaging in Bonita Springs and EquiSpectrum, a mobile thermal clinic catering to elite equine athletes.