Food for Thought...and Evolution

September 13, 2016




With the seemingly ever increasing number of people becoming intolerant to gluten, dairy, and meat, do you ever ask yourself why? Most people feel there is something wrong with them physically. That their digestive systems are not working like they use to and they go to a doctor to find out what went wrong. They say I am allergic to gluten. I am allergic to dairy. I am intolerant of meat. It is in these statements that they are partially correct.


When we look at the human race as a whole we can say, no matter what your theoretical school of thought might be, is that we are evolving. Scientists know this. Yogis know this. Religious leaders know this. But what does this really mean? How does this relate to food?


As our human 3D bodies evolve they try to become of a higher vibration. Everything has a frequency of vibration and this has been proven scientifically for hundreds of years. What is new in the world of science is the quantum portion of this theory. Everything is connected by these vibrations and frequencies. What this mean for us is even if we may not be consciously choosing to evolve through prayer, mediation, eating whole foods, purifying our bodies of toxins, and providing pure energy to our bodies through movement, the collective whole and the planet is choosing this. Therefore, we feel the effects of it.


When the vibration as a whole starts to rise, our bodies will want to rise with it. The lower vibrations and frequencies will want to tune into the higher frequencies.  Higher vibrations can affect lower vibrations but not the other way around. Therefore, consciously choosing to or not, you will feel the difference and will want to rise to this new level of being.


So what does this all have to do with you no longer being able to enjoy an ice cream cone on a hot day without your stomach turning into a bubbling caldron of gas and cramps? We go back to the ‘I am’ statement we mentioned before. The ‘I am’ that is now intolerant to these things is your ‘I AM’. Your true self. The part that is tuning into these higher vibrations. When it recognizes the toxins and the negative energy that is present in certain foods, it rejects it.


We all know that GMO’s are running rampant in the foods we eat today and that farm animals endure pain, suffering, and torture even before going to slaughter. The toxins from the grains and the pain and suffering from the animals are extremely low vibrations that end up on our plates.  We put these vibrations into our bodies that are trying to tune into a higher consciousness and a higher level of being and it gets rejected. So it can be said that there is nothing wrong with your body or digestive system but there is something so right about your higher self. Your I AM. It is trying to protect you and guard against things that can hurt your evolution.


So next time your body reacts adversely to that piece of bread, ice cream cone, or hamburger, thank it. Acknowledge and honor its intelligence that is trying to help you become a more enlightened being. Take the steps to act upon these signs and eat only foods that your body responds well to. It may take some training and a complete change in the way you eat but you will be so much healthier and happier for doing so. So listen to your I AM and bon appetite!


The statements presented here are for informational purposes only. You should seek the advice of a certified nutritionist, ayurvedic practitioner, or holistic doctor, if you have any concerns about a change in diet.

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