How Long Is This Going To Take

August 13, 2015


As a practitioner of biofeedback, one of the most common questions I get is, "How long is this going to take?"  Meaning, how many sessions am I going to need until I'm "fixed".  I actually like this question.  It is fair and to the point.  However, this is a very simple question with a very complicated answer so I'll try to explain the best I can.  


First of all, no one is broken and needs to be fixed.  Everyone is exactly how they are supposed to be in this exact moment and each moment going forward.  We might not be how we imagined ourselves or our life situation may not be a walk in the park, but nonetheless, it's perfect.  Each one of us is on an extraordinary journey that is uniquely ours.  It is our story and our lessons.  Some lessons may seem less fair than others and some things may seem unbelievably cruel and unjust.  Don't get me wrong, personal suffering is real and there are certain tragedies in our lives that seem pointless.  I'm not here to argue that.  I'm merely saying that it is our journey, and as a human being, we are beautiful and perfect.


Secondly, given that we are each on our own unique journey, the return to balance or the "fixing" part is just as unique.  Sometimes a single session is all that is needed to rebalance the body, mind, and spirit enough to jump start the individual on the right path of balance.  They take the energy and the information that was given and turn it into a personal wellness program that is self-maintained.  Off they go on a marvelous healing journey that simply needed a kick start.  Some people will only scratch the surface with the first session and will want to dig deeper into their subtle body systems to find out more and to continue the energy to put them into a state of balance so they can heal.  It may take months of weekly biofeedback sessions supplemented with a mixture of other modalities for a person to be in a state of balance and wellness they can maintain on their own.


Since every client is different, some clients experience a life changing feeling after just one session and others that claim they felt no different after their session.  It's the same biofeedback machine and the same practitioner so how is this possible?  I often will equate it to the orderliness of a home and the occupant’s desire and willingness to organize it.  If the home is in total disarray and you put away one or two things, you probably won't notice a big difference but the process has been started and a change has occurred.  The more time and effort you spend on organizing and cleaning the home, the more you will notice the results and the better the home will feel.  If the home is fairly clean and organized to begin with, you will notice a big difference simply by putting a few things away and maybe running a vacuum or dusting.  You will immediately see results!


There is also a common factor that will affect the number of sessions; how willing the client is to take an active role in their healing.  If you've read my first blog, "Healers Don't Heal", you'll remember that we are not the healers.  You, the client, is in charge of your well-being.  We are facilitators and will do the very best we can with the means that we have available to us but it's the client that needs to be an active participant in the healing.  Firefly Within offers a monthly workshop called Connect to the Healer Within that teaches participants how they can tap into their own power of healing to help themselves on a daily basis.  If you haven't taken part in it yet you will want to give it a try.  See our Events Page for dates and times.


Bottom line is there is no standard answer for how long it will take you to return to a state of balance and healing.  The state of the "house" and the willingness of the client to pick up the broom and get to work will most likely be the biggest deciding factors.  And for those of you who say your life is such a mess that nothing can straighten it out, that's okay.  That's where you are today but that's not where you have to be tomorrow.  I would encourage you to watch "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom.  Then come and see us.  You just might have a whole new perspective on things and will show up with a vacuum and a duster!  We hope to see you soon.....

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