Help! I have leg cramps!

April 30, 2015


Does this sound like you? “I have leg cramps at night, usually around the ankle. It kicks in without a warning and seems like nothing calms it down. Gentle rubs and massage, warm patches, all seem obsolete, the tools to distract me from pain and at the end, just have to wait it out till it subsides… Why does it happen? How do I get rid of it?”


The answer is usually pretty simple; our body is lacking some vital minerals (or cell salts) which enable flawless, smooth functioning of our muscles. There is a very effective gentle homeopathic remedy, which is natural and holistic.  Let us introduce you to Magnesium Phosphate or otherwise known as Mag Phos, 6x potency. It has a very mild, nourishing effect on the muscles by providing the energy for the cells to help restore the necessary balance of the minerals.  


Your next question might be: “How do I know how many to take and how often?”  Personally, I use a pendulum but that is a discussion for another Blog.  Many people refer to a biofeedback appointment to pin point what their body is asking for energetically.  Most people can take 3 pellets 3 to 5 times a day, depending on the severity of the cramps.  Cell Salts is a long term solution, it works gradually, slowly replenishing the organs and tissues with vital minerals. It could take several months to diminish or eliminate your cramps but, usually, you notice a positive change after several days.


So where did these come from? The homeopathic system of the Cell Salt remedies was developed by Dr. Schuessler, a German doctor, in the late 1880’s. He found that 12 inorganic mineral salts are critical to balancing cellular activity and health and made 12 homeopathic remedies in low potency in order to be assimilated rapidly and easily. The remedies have been used by millions of people for over 120 years worldwide. One advantage of using the cell salts is it gradually and gently builds up the constitutional health of a person over a period of time. Used correctly, they rebuild the organs and tissues in a natural and safe manner.


The Cell Salts are equilibrium remedies; they are used to balance excess and deficiency.  They remove excess as well as help with deficiencies.  They are broken down into 5 groups plus a sixth element which is Silica.

1) Calcium  (Calc Flor, Calc Phos, Calc Sulph)

2) Sodium  (Nat Mur, Nat Phos, Nat Sulph)

3) Kali or Potassium (Kali Mur, Kali Phos, Kali Sulph)

4) Magnesium  (Mag Phos)

5) Ferrum or Iron  (Ferrum Phos)

6) Silica or Silicea


You may have noticed (or maybe you didn't so I will tell you) Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium are in 9 of the 12 remedies and Sulphur is in 3 remedies.  This indicates that these particular minerals are pretty vital for the body.


Mag Phos, as I discussed earlier, is the only cell salt in the Magnesium Group.  It is very helpful to cure leg cramps and also is excellent for cramps of all types; shooting pains, spasms, neuralgia, angina, colic, convulsions, and general pain. I suggest that women should always have a bottle nearby in case of painful menstrual cramps. could carry a bottle too and come to the rescue when she's in pain.  It's just a suggestion. 


If you want more information regarding Cell Salts, please contact me at or you can find a lot of useful information on the web.


Healing with Nature ,The Salts of the Earth 
By Stephen Byrnes, N. D., P h. D.


The 12 Tissue Salts or Cell Salt Remedies Fundamental homeopathic remedies

By Peter Brodhead CN


The Twelve Tissue Salts




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