"The underlying concept is that the body knows how to maintain balance unless thrown off by disease; therefore, if one wants to restore the body's own healing ability, everything should be done to bring it back into balance. It is a very simple notion that has profound consequences." ~ Deepak Chopra, M.D.

The client lays fully clothed on a massage table with a small pad placed underneath them.  The pad is connected to the LIFE System and is used to test and provide the energy of the client through electromagnetic waves.  The practitioner runs the programs and stays with the client during the entire session.  


Each session is specifically taylored to the individual.  No two sessions are ever alike. We take care and special attention to each client to make sure they get the most from each experience.  Wellness coaching is provided at the end of the session​ along with a written report of the results. 

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Basic Sessions and Programs

Intake Session


During the Intake Session a complete scan will be done resulting in one main program suggestion specifically tailored for your body. Additional sub-programs are run to fine tune the imbalances and provide a whole picture of your body, mind, and spirit.

Follow Up Session

$95 each or $444 for package of 5

The 60 minute session will include a complete scan and the recommended main program. Additional sub-programs will be run to support the results of the initial scan or as requested by the client.

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Jump Start Wellness Program


If you are looking for an overall wellness program to jump start your way into balance, this package is for you! It includes a biofeedback intake session, five - 1 hour biofeedback follow-up sessions, two -  1 hour Reiki sessions, and wellness coaching.

Children and Pets

$55 each or $244 for package of 5

These gentle souls need softer balancing. A 30 minute session is enough to gently guide their system back towards balance. A complete scan is done to detect the main imbalances and the recommended program is run. Multiple sessions are often needed to obtain overall balancing.

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Specialty Programs

Our specialty programs are designed with specific needs in mind. You will receive a full scan on each visit, wellness coaching and a written report. The difference is each program targets a specific need. Other modalities may be suggested or offered during the program. They are tailored per the individual and each person will see different results depending on their own unique situation.
Each 1 hour session is only $85 with a minimum of 9 sessions.
Sessions can be on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.


As we get older our body can start to show the signs. The Anti-Aging program will support your body and mind in turning back the clock or slowing down the aging process. Detoxification, telomeres, collagen, metabolic support and more will give your body the balance it needs to stay young and fit!

Spiritual Opening

We all have a great spirit within us that guides us and protects us. Some times it can be under a veil and the messages are not always clear. Help to lift the veil and hear the wisdom of your higher self that will lead you to a more peaceful existence.

Learning Enhancement

Are you going to school or going back to school? Are you learning a new trade or adding a second language? Learning can be enhanced if our body and mind is in alignment with the demands of new information. This program will support your learning capacity and help you flourish in your new chosen skill.

Releasing Grief

Certain things happen in life that can cause grief, sadness, and deep heartache. While a certain amount of grieving can be necessary, often times it can be hard to pull out of it and get back to life. We can help to support your mind and body's ability to process the emotions and bring joy back into your life.

Releasing Addictions

Addictions can grip anyone. When they do, it can be a real struggle in day to day life that can affect our happiness, family, finances and overall health. Let's get to the root of the issue and help your body go back into a state of balance to release the grip and get you back to a happy healthy life.

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Strong Mind

Our brain is one of our most vital organs but how often do we really think about it's health? Chemicals, stress, injury, diet, and lifestyle can all take a toll on this precious organ. Give it the support it needs to stay balanced or get back into a state of balance and maintain a state of health.

Healthy Gut

Digestion issues plague most of us at one time or another. When they become chronic they can lead to other health issues and disrupt your daily life. Support your body and put it back into balance so your digestion can function as it was meant to.

Immune Support

With so much stress and disease in our culture today our immune systems can be compromised. You may even be suffering from an auto-immune disorder. Biofeedback can support this system and negate issues that are attacking it giving the body the balance it needs to heal itself.

Athletes and Fitness

If you are an athlete your body and mind require special care and training. Why should that end at the gym? Take it a step further to get that competitive edge or increase your strength and flexible in the body, mind and spirit to enjoy your sport just a little more.

Healthy Weight Control

There are many factors that can cause us to carry extra weight. We can diet, exercise and eat the right foods but still it can be a struggle. Through biofeedback the body can tell us where the imbalances are that may be causing us to hold on to excess fat cells. Let's get to the bottom of it and help you get back to a healthy weight. 

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STUDENTS show proper student I.D. and recieve a 10% discount on all services. 

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