When your chakras are balanced you enjoy a better physical, emotional and spiritual existence. Peace and harmony fill your life.  Balancing your chakras can be as easy as matching an oil to the proper frequency and allowing it to work its magic.

We include 8 oils in this kit. The 7 main chakras and an eighth oil blend to help balance all of the chakras. 

The 8 vials come in a beautiful round floral travel pack to protect your precious oils.

Contains: Ginger, Orange, lemongrass, helichrysum, Idaho blue spruce, Awaken, white angelica, Harmony.

Size: 8 - 5/8 dram vials

EO Chakras Kit

  • Made with Young Living 100% theraputic grade essential oils and a 100% organic coconut carrier oil.


    1st Chakra ~ ginger: obesity, illnesses, fears, sciatica, lack of focus, constipation

    2nd Chakra ~ orange: isolation, sexual issues, emotional instability

    3rd Chakra ~ lemongrass: timidity or rage, chronic fatigue or non-stop moving, addictions

    4th Chakra ~ helichrysum: low self-esteem, unconditional love, codependency, melancholy

    5th Chakra ~ Idaho blue spruce: inability to express, blocked creativity, sore throat, stiff neck

    6th Chakra ~ Awaken: headaches, hallucinations, poor visual perception, nightmares (contains the Young Living blends of: Joy, Present Time, Forgiveness, Dream Catcher, Harmony)

    7th Chakra ~ white angelica: depression, apathy, confusion, learning disability

    all Chakras ~ Harmony: opens chakras and balances elelctriacl fields and auras (contains: lavender, sandalwood, ylang ylang, frankincense, orange, angelica, geranium, hyssop, spruce, sage lavender, rosewood, lemon, jasmine, Roman chamomile, bergamot, palmarosa, rose)

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