Kauai Farmacy Herbal Teas

I am very excited and proud to be an Affiliate with Kauai Farmacy.  Doug and Genna are an amazing husband and wife team living in Kauai, Hawaii and they make amazing 100% natural, organic herbal teas, tinctures, body butters and MORE!

I first heard about them when they were featured on a docuseries by Nick Polizzi about the healing benefits of herbs.

After watching the series I was hooked on the expertise and love Kauai Farmacy had to offer so we wanted to know more.

It didn't take long to realize that this is an amazing company that puts love into everything they do.

Quickly I ordered a few of their teas and WOW!  I've never seen a loose tea so fresh and taste so amazing! I knew I had to share this exciting find with my clients, friends and family so I made a second order and purchased A LOT!

NOW Kauai Farmacy has made it easy for all of YOU who are friends of Firefly to order directly from them

AND get a 15% discount each time you do!!

2 Easy Ways to Shop

One Way: 

Through Firefly Within. I have some of my favorite items in stock. The inventory changes quite a bit because it gets bought up quickly and I use it myself!  Just drop me a line to see which ones I have available.

Second Way:

If you want FULL access to ALL of their incredible products and want to save 15% simply shop on-line directly with Kauai Farmacy

Enter coupon code:


and receive 15% off each order!

This is our gift to you!  We love you and want you to be healthy!